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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WIP- Linoleum Print

I tried my first lino cut and it didn't turn out too well; hard to make a print without a press. I still have some tweaks to make, but otherwise I found a better way to make a print without a press.


  1. I saw the stamp in person and I think the stamp is a lot better looking then the print. So yeah I guess you need a press or something...

  2. What kind of ink are you using and what kind of paper? If you're using oil based ink and a thicker rag paper, yeah you need some sort of press, if its a smaller block, i've seen people actually print using their car tire as a press. You just put a peice of masonite or plywood over your paper and the block, then slowly roll over the whole thing with the tire and voila. its "experimental."

    As for hand printing, there are ways to do it but usually that involves a thinner Japanese paper and water based inks. I don't know HOW to do it becasue i was never into block printing that much. There might be some good tutorials online.

  3. It's water based, and I think I found a good tutorial that involves a wooden spoon. Thanks, Mike!