Dec. 3rd, 2011-- UPDATED CHALLENGES!


Love creating artwork but you can't find that extra-little push you need to get going? Looking for a community of artists to share your progress with? Want to press your foundations and aesthetic choices to the max?

Look no further! Open Crits is now a WEEKLY DESIGN CHALLENGE that will push you to get back to your foundations to enforce well-rounded drawings. All artists are welcomed, though for now the assignments will be geared more toward animation-themed work.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bucks county impressionism painting complete

I've been working on an impressionist painting in oils this February, and I finally finished it! Gonna give it a few days to dry before picking out a frame and delivering it to my boss's shop. Whoot!

I apologize for the shitty picture quality. Will take a better photo in the future.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Revamping my site

I've recently learned a lot, yey learning! So I decided to use the technology and redo my site, as nice as it is, to have a CMS such as wordpress, Its not necessary when you can code something yourself, so I decided to revamp! I've attached two images, the old one and the new one, but if you click on them you'll see working versions (the new one is not complete yet content wise) but I'd love some reactions. 

I do plan on working on the monthly prompt! I promise! Finding time (maybe its more so finding a concept that is unique-ish haha!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Radiant Hearth Logo

So I'm working on this client logo and since i have time (ghasp! this never happens) before i told the client I'd get him some concepts I'd like to get a little feed back from you guys. I'm not exactly sure which direction he wanted stylistically so I'm just shooting from the hip here.

Have at em'!

Update!! February Prompt 2011!

All right all right people! Too long of a Hiatus on my part, so let's get this ball rolling again, yeah?

Again, Feel FREE to post anything you'd like, it doesn't have to be related to the monthly prompt. I'd love to see some more artwork up here.

While I'm busy dusting off the cobwebs, let's give it up for this month's prompt!


Dedicated towards valentines day. This post is a little more in favor of those interested in character design!

( credit to image goes to Ohjoy! )
Requests for next month's prompt, send 'em my way! Anything goes,
so shoot me some ideas if you've got 'em!