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Thursday, September 9, 2010

space diving!

hello, all! i'm new, if you didn't know. : ) glad to be joining the community! and i look forward to your assistance with motivation and critique. yay! anyways, here we go: september prompt. i have a few things to share, but i'm going to make two posts.

here's a poster i made for space diving, which is this creative idea i have for one of my latest novels. i figured i'd make a neat "poster" for space diving, so here we go!

 final product

some affects added/some color

 scanned in, text typed out

 original drawing

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blog, Corissa! Glad to see you're posting with fervor. =)

    First things first-- I'm going to go out and guess this advertisement is meant to act similarly as a Theme-park advertisement, or some sort of entertainment advertisement might. In terms of the several different versions, I think it's better to come up with wildly different versions for designs (coming at it from a standpoint like being a person who hired you.)

    Otherwise, I would suggest limiting the amount of text. Right now it feels a little overloaded-- and your character seems cramped and uncomfortable on the page with all that text. Graphic design using text is a reaaaaally difficult thing to master, in terms of figuring out what is pleasing. The best thing to do, is figure out the bare minimum of text-information you need, and thumbnail out ways to layout the page with an image.

    Or, if you're going for more newspaper-type advertisements, its better to block text into a certain area, and let the character act as a focal point, guiding your eye to the text. =)
    (ex.-- )

    Glad to have ya on board!