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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Conflict of the Mind: Redux

Howdy everyone, this is Alex from Uarts. Just wanted to say hello and howdy-do and hope everyone is doing well. Hm, I don't think I could beat around the bush with this one. Right now, I'm currently in preproduction with a revamp of my junior thesis, "Conflict of the Mind." And temporarily adding Redux simply because it sounds a tad cooler even though I dunno what it is the moment. But anyway, this new project is going to be a little bit better (hopefully) than the original. Rather than meeting deadlines, I can take my time shot by shot and make it the way I ultimately want it to be. I'm adding a lot of new moves and in all honesty using...references! I originally thought using references of one self was actually cheating...(I swear, I thought it was.) I never filmed myself doing things like jumping, falling, spinning staves, and kicking with capes on while wearing boxers. I noticed each drawing I make, I'm understanding how the body works and how the body looks foreshortened certain things. I've originally planned the storyboarding to be done sometime in early june even though I started it sometime the last days of May. It's now September and I'm about 75% done with storyboards. The cool thing is, whenever I listen to music or running, I want to add more and more things. The project continues to get bigger and better. Newer ideas, babies getting killed, scrapping older pieces and reworking it. My only setback is probably going to be the soundtrack. I'm leaning towards something more on the time period of baroque while I'm also thinking more of an 8bit chiptune boss theme amongst the painters. Not to mention moves...there's a LOT more moves. Prometheus Punches for all! Hope all is well.


  1. I look forward to seeing the storyboards, just remember adding more and more could complicate the film. Good luck.

  2. your eyes alex...they're...they're...spaced apart!

    but seriously, i see HARDCORE improvements! That is a very impressive hand, looks lovely!

    I agree with audrey, be careful with how much you add. Its one thing to do it for a feature to stretch out emotional moments, but its another to just add too much to a short. Rather, play around with different layouts, and then pick whichever supports your context best. For example, zoomed in shots add a lot of tension, while super super wide shots give the apearance of the characters being watched by someone. Give me a ring and I'll go over some notes with you in regards to how a composition can tell a story for you.

    Massive improvements *hi fives*