Dec. 3rd, 2011-- UPDATED CHALLENGES!


Love creating artwork but you can't find that extra-little push you need to get going? Looking for a community of artists to share your progress with? Want to press your foundations and aesthetic choices to the max?

Look no further! Open Crits is now a WEEKLY DESIGN CHALLENGE that will push you to get back to your foundations to enforce well-rounded drawings. All artists are welcomed, though for now the assignments will be geared more toward animation-themed work.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


yet more space. yes, she has an ipad. sorry it's dark, my scanner was broken when i drew this, so i took a picture and coloured it afterward. space is ORANGE. why? you ask. well, i say, it's because the sun is coming! seriously, though...the ipad would rock in space.


  1. I think this one is working well with creating interesting shapes and negative shapes to make an overall composition that is definately on the right track. =)

    The girl herself I feel needs to be pushed a little more to the right, and include her feet. in the shot. Feet a very difficult to draw, but it's still worth tackling them. I say move her to the right a bit, because her hair is touching the edge of the frame, and creating an uncomfortable tangent with it, as is the earth on the right hand side of the image. just a tad farther from an edge, or being pushed "beyond" the edge so the image appears to be cut off is better than butting up against the parameters of an image.

  2. I guess I'm going piggy back off of vee and say that i would agree that the the figure needs to be in the frame completely, i would also try and actually make the figure a little smaller to make the space between whatever planet she is on and earth.

    I would also add a bit of a gradient from black to orange to really give that "rising sun" feeling.

    I really like where you're going! I think keep pushing the proverbial paint around and you're going to have something great.