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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tattoo Design

This isn't related to the prompt but I wanted to get some advice on a tattoo that i'm designing. The character in it is the two-headed boy. If you're Neutral Milk Hotel fans you'll understand the tattoo from the outset. If not, the song itself is posted here.

This is just to show about how it would be placed on my body.


  1. My advice with tattoos, as someone who both has a large one and has designed them, is to be specific in your linework. While a talented inker can give you some nice gradients and shading, what looks best on skin in the long run is straightforward drawing. As you progress from sketch to finished design, really hammer down those details before you step into the chair.

    Placement looks good; I can't wait to see the next shots of this.

  2. I know this is your rough sketch, vince, but I do have to agree in that, looking at it as a tattoo, I think a more solid image would give you the critique you want. As a sketch, All i can really talk about is composition and arm placement-- and Damn, you want it that big? Woosh. Also, I would think about where your muscle lies, and how certain things face-- like for instance the accordion would fall better if it was angled the opposite way it is now, following you arm muscle. This piece at this size is large, and is gonna wrap around your arm, not fall flat.

    I dunno. =/. I don't really feel solid about giving advice on this, also, because I've never had a tattoo on myself, so blah >_<

  3. I agree with Vee, the size seems too big to lay flat. If you want a tattoo that big, I feel you should incorporate the design to flow with the muscles and structure of your arm, or else I feel the design is going to get stretched out or warped.