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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Journey of a Dream

I went with a experimental digital painting on this one. I was influenced by the legend of the dream catcher from the the Ojibwe tribe.
It is said that the dream catcher, which was given to the people from Asibikaashi or spider women, has several gates. The dreams must journey through the catcher to get to the child, but only the good dreams can survive.

I started with circles as the gates, eight to symbolize the number of legs on a spider. Then I added the wave of dreams being purified as it streams through the gates. I added more web influences with the raining lines. And created a background that felt very dream-like to me.


  1. Firstly, I would like to say-- Rock on for the freaking back-log on all the other pieces. For serious, that is awesome, and I know I appreciate your comments on my own piece, so I'm sure everyone else loves the critique as well. It's great to show your opinion, because that's what this is here for! so Yay!! =D!!!!

    Now, on to my thoughts-- I am REALLY glad I decided to form my opinion before I read your words, although originally I didn't think it would mean much if I did. But Literally, this is exactly what I wrote down on my note-pad to remember:" I feel like there are nightmares all around, nasty, vile and suffocating, But the path is safe, and hope can come through even in the worst of nightmares."

    I think that pretty much means that this was spot on what you wanted to come across. I love this piece. I even love how gritty the circles representing the catcher are-- but I honestly can't place why. >_< Which is unfortunate, but I'm sure I'll place it.

    The -only- drawback to me is that it feels unfinished, or rather unrefined. If this were an oil-painting, where you could see the textures and colors blending in together, I think it would be a lot stronger. But the digital needs to be nursed just a little more. Like-- the purplish-pink of the dreams works wonderfully, and i think that smoothness might be why I love the gritty-ness of the rings (Aha!) but the green and browns of the nightmare should be equally as solid as those other parts. They feel a bit cartoony, while everything else has a texture in the way it was digitally painted.

    AHHH. This comment is very long. >_< Sorry!

    THIS IS AWESOME! I'm so glad you decided to go with an experimental piece, I've been waiting!! =D!

  2. I agree with you Vee that it needs to be refined somemore.To be honest I was a little impatient with this one and didn't really have my whole heart into it. I think it's because I did it digital and didn't really feel the paint, you know? I think I want to give it another go using traditional media.
    But I'm glad that my point came across.

  3. I think the image isn't unified. Like Vee said, the colors and textures aren't blending well together. I agree that you would probably be happier using traditional medium, but if you want to try this again in digital, you may want to try doing the piece first in greyscale, then play with the hue. I also notice that you've played with the opacity of your brush but didn't adjust the softness. This creates transparencies with hard edges that look like ribbon strokes.