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Friday, July 9, 2010

I am... not entirely sure what this is. But I sort of like the idea. I'm just not terribly clear on what the idea is. Quick sketch in maybe 30 minutes?


  1. I like the aura of this character, she def. looks tough. She doesn't strike me as very native american though, more african tribal. I'd definitely check the proportions of her neck/head, they look a bit off (head too far from the shoulders maybe). Cool ^^

  2. Yaaay more posts!! How exciting!! =D

    I thinking Rachel's critique is pretty spot on. She's got a great attitude in that stance, you can tell she is confident in her power. Although I don't think being more African-tribal is a bad thing, it does seem to conflict with the totem reference with the headdress, and the weapon she's using doesn't seem quite native American.

    Don't forget to reference reference reference!

    Sexy lady body. yes. haha.

  3. I don't know, she seems more relaxed then tough to me. Like the calm before the battle.
    I like the idea of the mask, I would play that up in more design then just a bird's face, like in Princess Mononoke.
    It would be awesome to see her in action poses.