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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Journey of a Dream take II,... or maybe 4

So I went back to my idea and decided to play around a little, this time with watercolors. These four mini pieces were a lot more fun to do then the first go around, and if I did many more studies like this, I could see myself getting to a finished piece, BUT July is almost over and I'm restless, so I'm looking forward to next month's prompt.


  1. i like the first and second ones. i can't wait for next moth's prompt too.

  2. I think the first and last piece (of these four) hit me the most effectively-- but both definitely are the extremes of one another. The first one is colorful and vibrant (and I adore the color choices) but I don't feel any sense of the nightmares, while the last piece you absolutely get the sense of the journey that you had in your first digital piece, but the dream itself isn't vibrant enough.

    I definitely like the direction these guys are headed in with the watercolor.

  3. I agree with Vee. The first and last were the ones that popped out at me. I believe the first one has a strong triangle composition and a unified look. The last hits me with the color and texture. I think that green is what hits me the most. I think you need to be more selective with the color palette you use. Maybe instead of using pure black, you could use a complimentary cool color? I think that will unify your pictures more.

  4. hahaha, I guess I'm weird, but I actually like the second one I did the best. I know it's outside of my idea, but my eye sees to flow over the whole picture with more ease then the others. Also, it feels very inviting to me, like a trip through space,.. Oh well,..

    Also, Juno, when you say pure black, do you mean the ink lines? I guess I could try colored ink, but I don't know how freely I can mix and make my own tone with color inks,....

    And yes, the pictures don't really go together. I did treat them as separated piece, and separate ideas, but for convince sake I uploaded them together.

  5. Yes, I did mean the ink lines. Why can't you just use watercolor?

  6. Well, I do a ink drawing first and let it dry, so when I go over it with the watercolor it doesn't mess up my line.
    I guess I could use watercolor for the lines, but I wouldn't be able to overlap it with the other colors,..