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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Instead of doing a Native American inspired piece, I decided to do a piece on a native Filipino folklore of the Tinguian tribe. It's about a woman named Aponibolinayen, the most beautiful woman, who is a character in many Tinguian stories, but this story is about how she is given away in marriage. In a marriage ceremony in her honor, an old man is given in sacrifice. His head is placed in the ground from which a spring of water flows from his blood. His body is used as a tree to shade the girl and beads form from his blood.


  1. Wow. That sounds amazing. Also... I think I was staring at your sketch for a good ten minutes. Haha. Beautiful lines. I can't wait to see this finished. I'm a bit unsure/ it seems unclear about what is attached to her it hair bundled to the side? It seems very geometrical, so I'm unsure.

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. Yes, it is hair bundled to the side. I thought it might be fun to make her hair more flat and design like. Thanks, Veebs!

  3. wow....that's
    I love how the point of view is eye level with the decapitated head. Its a very iconic looking drawing, like something for a poster or a book cover.

    I think the geometric hair design throws people off just because its different from the rest of the way you drew this..

    but yeah...
    no critique...
    its just friggin awesome man!

    (however if you wanna be uber picky, her left shoulder (your right) is a bit wider from her central line, and that boob is a tad smaller. Even though nobody is perfectly symmetrical, i think it would work better for such an iconic image)

  4. I really love this. It's amazingly done. i was a little confused about her hair as a geometric shape. it doesn't match the piece's style, i think maybe adding in just some hair strands to it might help. but this is awesome. I would love to see this finished as a screen print. that would be really awesome.

  5. I think this is awesome! And it's nice to see a slightly different style from you.
    I was a bit thrown off with the hair, possibly because the line of the edge of the hair is almost blending in with the edge of the tree?
    I also noticed the boob difference, like Rachel said.
    But I can't wait to see more!!!