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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Modest Proposal: The OpenStudio

Hey guys, I was skype calling Vee and had a thought. Remember how we used to hang out in the studio and chat while working? Now that we're apart I think we should intiate what I am calling OpenStudio, basically we have weekly skype calls where we sit at out desks, work and chat. I noticed that I was suddenly more motivated to draw when talking to Vee about working. You would have to download skype and have a computer capable of using microphones, everyone who owns a Mac here can do them out of the box, trust me. So how's about it? Any takers? We can make a private message to have a listing of our skype names on here or something. Please comment with ideas. Also you don't have to work on stuff for here, just whatever you feel like working on. /endproposal


  1. Yes. Definitely Yes. I do this often with people from and, but it would be awesome to do it again with you guys. I'm chaoticknight on skype.

  2. I still hold my agreeance from before, we'd just have to figure out the magic. Also, really glad you posted this up here-- I was hoping to get more people involved in getting new ideas together to keep things fresh and motivated, so go Vince!

    I'd make a suggestion to have it start up with like, a twice monthly meeting at a certain time, and then work upward from there? People might not want to do it everyweek, though hearing everyone would be awesome.

    My other (oppostite) suggestion would be to have OpenStudio running 24/7- in that if people are interested in chatting at the moment, they pop-on Skype for some work-chatting...if anyone else is on at the time, that is. I feel this would work out well, except that it seems a little...unstructured.

  3. Ummm, as much as I like talking to every one, I can't work and talk on skype at the same time. Also my internet is fussy, so it usually drops out of skype a lot, so I probally wouldn't be on it much. BUT if some one wants to set it up and host it, it's fine with me.
    PS: I'm still working on my post for August, but I will definity have something ready soon!