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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lord of the Flies -August Prompt (WIP)

 Piggy design
 Ralph design
Simon design
 Jack designs

So, here are some sketches I did towards the beginning of the month for this month's prompt. I chose to do it on Lord of the Flies, because I wanted to force myself to draw convincing children and pre-teens. I hope to have a character line-up of some of the main characters both during their initial arrival on the island, and after Jack takes over.  This was really fun researching a grade-school classic.

Apologize for crappy pictures- they're partly the reason I haven't posted yet. I was annoyed at lack of scanner, but decided to suck it up and get over it. I promise better-quality scans in the future. I'll get a scanner soon.

Lord of the Flies
James Aubrey(Ralph from said movie- I loved his teeth)
WWII Schoolboys (Samneric)
British Schoolboys
WWII trench children
Scut Farkus ( hahah Jack
Messed up Crap I found out about trying to study Golding a bit more> Hysterical Lord of the Flies game


  1. love the designs. piggy is my favorite. he's great. ralph is a little too even right now. kind of generic. push the proportions a little more. simon is awesome, but the second picture it looks like his proportions changed and looks older. also he looks a bit possessed. jack is great, but he's not ugly/threatening enough. i think he should have more knobbly knees and pointier elbows. make him that ugly scut farkus. but all around awesome.

  2. I actually never read this novel...but I think your designs look awesome!
    I like Piggy, he looks like the nerdy and frighten, Ralph looks like mr. fix it, simon,..I'm not sure where he stands, and I'm guessing that Jack is the proud one that goes insane at the end.