Dec. 3rd, 2011-- UPDATED CHALLENGES!


Love creating artwork but you can't find that extra-little push you need to get going? Looking for a community of artists to share your progress with? Want to press your foundations and aesthetic choices to the max?

Look no further! Open Crits is now a WEEKLY DESIGN CHALLENGE that will push you to get back to your foundations to enforce well-rounded drawings. All artists are welcomed, though for now the assignments will be geared more toward animation-themed work.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

WEEKLY CHALLENGES! Are YOU up for the Challenge?

Howdy folks!  It's been a while, hasn't it? Well-- I decided the lapse in absence and the general deterioration of the group weren't going to keep me away! So-- I'm upping the anti with challenges meant to get you folks stretching those art-muscles.

There will be sets of challenges to come, focusing on specific goals to "retrain" yourself or simply keep yourself limber, in a drawing sense. The major focus of the next few weeks will be on Life drawing, pushing drawing volume and weight in forms, and loosening up the way you draw-- Getting away from "Classical standards" than can freeze up your drawing senses.


Let's start out a little simpler, getting those muscles working.  Your task:   Life draw/ figure draw everyday this week, filling up at LEAST one page for each day. 3 figures a page MINIMUM.

Criteria to remember in your drawings:
  • Full bodies
  • DON'T hide hands and Feet
  • DON'T draw any figure for longer than 3 minutes-- these are GESTURES
  • Focus on the feeling of the pose-- Action words/verbs are great to use to get a sense.
  • No "head shots" --again, Full bodies!
  • Clothing is optional-- Life draw/ figure draw wherever. In class or out of Class, but no pornography.
  • Allow yourself to exaggerate proportions
  • Don't be precious with your drawings-- put down lines quickly
  • Color is allowed, but keep things simple for now
So-- For those of you partaking in the Challenge, Or who are interested in partaking and would like to Join the Open Crit Blog, (email me at my info in the corner)   The challenge is due next Saturday, DECMBER 10TH, when the next challenge is posted.     Please upload your work and share to the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE::: In the HEADER of your blogpost, please mark crit-welcomed posts with a "C" (crits)  and non-welcomed posts with a "NC"   (no-crits)


(Burne Hogarth)

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For those of us who ABSOLUTELY cannot get out and find a living human being Anywhere withing a 100 mile radius:


  1. <3 Rachel-- You're so welcome! I can't wait to see your work. Share anything you'd like, as always!