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Friday, February 4, 2011

Radiant Hearth Logo

So I'm working on this client logo and since i have time (ghasp! this never happens) before i told the client I'd get him some concepts I'd like to get a little feed back from you guys. I'm not exactly sure which direction he wanted stylistically so I'm just shooting from the hip here.

Have at em'!


  1. Ooooooh. I like number Three the best. Elegant. Again, I don't know what the client is going for, but that one has my vote. Number four comes in a close second!

    Those two seem to fit with the name of the pizzeria best.Speaking of which... i think you spelled "pizzeria" wrong...but it might be one of those tomato, tomatoe things.

  2. Actually, looking at it again. I think number four works best. There's something a little "church-y" about the third one. I think one and two would be spot on as well, except the pizza's seem to be not fitting as well as everything else. I think its because of that sketchy line you have on the fire, it works so well to give a certain mood, and then the flatness of the pizza takes away from it, makes it feel more cartoony than "homey" which is what I think the other ones contain.

  3. My biggest quip with this is the font. Number 2 and 4 look far too generic (I've seen a hundred restaurants use this). If you're going for the brick oven theme, I think you need a hardier font. Perhaps a sans font?

    Also, because it is a logo, you need to keep in mind where it will fit on a page. Will it be a little one that goes on the business cards? On the menu? You wanna create something that you could resize and universally fit anywhere.

    Something else to consider is paying attention to negative space. Graphic design absolutely awes me. To this day I just don't know how they do it! My graphic designer friend gave me some really good advice once. She says that "everything has to "flow." Everything should have a sort of even amount of negative space around it, and random gaps tend to look bad if its an accident."

    I really like the "hearth" feel you are going for here. I'd keep pushing your designs. They are a great start, but I'd look for something heartier.

  4. Forgot to mention this. I like number two the best. Along with what I said about being able to make it fit into anywhere, why don't you try rotating the wooden paddle, so that the handle is under the font? That way you don't have that awkward paddle handle sticking out to the left.
    Change the font, follow Vee's advice, and you're golden muchacho!

  5. @vee - thank you very much! I do agree that the pizza stick out as unfinished (or rather too finished) compared to the other aspects of the logo. Thanks for pointing that out.

    As for number three feeling kind of religious and "church-y" I kinda threw that one in there as a wild card because of the name, I felt that it took on a very loving, warm and comfortable spirit. Hrm... things to ponder over #3.

    good call on the mispelling of "pizzaria" I had seen many places use that spelling and a quick wikipedia search told me that pizzaria is a widely accepted misspelling, pizzeria is the correct spelling, good catch!

    @rachel oh yeah, that font is definitely over used and generic, i mean arizona iced tea used it! haha. He specifically said he like that font, so... i gave it a whirl and liked it.

    The peel handle sticking out to the left was intentionally done to create flow, but i definitely tried your suggestion and there was no flow, it just looked and felt awkward.

    I'll definitely be keeping in mind your and vees very good advice! thanks for the crit! I appreciate it!

  6. Cool beans! Best of luck Mike!

    Where is the pizzeria?

  7. Thanks! I thinks its on the notre dame campus, or right outside of the campus. I know the guy works there and I'm pretty sure that he said its going to be on the campus.